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From the Network Edge – to the Network Core!
ETHERNET SWITCHES with Power-over-Ethernet Technology

Industrial-Grade, PoE+ Ethernet Switches Give Your Customers Reliable Connectivity in Tough Environments.

IMC Networks expands its copper-to-fiber media conversion product line with managed and unmanaged PoE+ Ethernet switches. These plug & play switches let your customers connect to remote devices at the network edge where conditions may be too harsh for ordinary switches. Your customers will appreciate these switches for their features and rugged reliability.
• Power-over-Ethernet (“PoE”) eliminates additional power outlets, reduces cable runs and cable management
• Simplifies installation of powered devices (“PD”) such as IP CCTV, wireless access points, IP phones, sensors
• 30 Watts power per port
• Wide temperature range, -40 to +85°C
• Shock, vibration and freefall tested
• IP30 rated metal enclosure