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Ensuring Maximum Uptime of the Wireless Network for Your AGV and AS/RS Systems

The pandemic has fueled e-commerce and smart factory trends that are driving a strong demand for automated material handling (AMH) systems, such as AGV and AS/RS.

These systems are considered critical assets. However, an unstable wireless signal could easily disrupt their operations. Since wireless connections are invisible and affected by a lot of different factors, you will need a reliable wireless solution with seamless connectivity and easy network management to keep your wireless network and systems up and running at all times.

Simplified Network Management

View Wi-Fi connections and network status at a glance

Play back the roaming history to identify the root cause of issues

Reliable Networks for Mobile Operations

Support for millisecond-level handoffs

Ensure reliable wireless connections for PLC

Easy setup for new wireless devices

Compact but Rugged

Wide operating temperature range of -40 to 75°C

Built-in protection against harsh environmental conditions

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SPECIAL PROMOTION: From now until December 31st 2021, customers can enjoy the MXview Wireless module for free for one year after activating a MXview Wireless add-on license.