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Moxa RISC UC-2100 Series Arm-based palm-sized wireless-enabled industrial computer with up to 2 serial ports & 2 LANs Moxa RISC UC-3100 Series Arm-based wireless-enabled DIN-rail industrial computer w/ 2 serial, 2 LAN & 1 CAN Moxa RISC UC-5100 Series Arm-based wireless-enabled DIN-rail industrial computer w/ 4 serial, 2 LAN, 2 CAN & 4 DI/DO
Moxa RISC UC-8100-ME-T Series Communication-centric computing platform Moxa RISC UC-8410A Series Compact/Fanless Wireless Computer Moxa x86 V462 w/4 serial ports,2 LANs,VGA,CF,PCMCIA,USB
Moxa RISC IA240/IA241 w/4 serial ports, 4 DI/DO,2 LANs,PCMCIA,SD,USB Moxa x86 V464 w/4 serial ports,4 LANs,VGA,CF,USB Moxa RISC IA260 w/4 serial ports,8 DI/DO,2 LANs,VGA,CF,USB
Moxa x86 V466 w/4 serial ports,4 LANs,VGA,CF & 8port switch Moxa RISC IA261-I/IA262-I w/4 isolated serial ports,8 DI/DO,2 LANs,VGA,2 CAN ports,CF,USB Moxa x86 V468 w/4 serial ports,4 LANs,VGA,8 DI/DO,CF,USB
Moxa RISC UC-7101 Mini w/1 serial port, LAN, SD Moxa RISC UC-7110/7112 Mini w/2 serial ports,2 LANs, SD Moxa RISC UC-7112+ Mini w/2 serial ports,2 LANs,SD
Moxa RISC UC-7122/7124 Mini w/2 or 4 serial ports,2 LANs,SD,USB Moxa RISC UC-8100 Series Communication-centric computing platforms Moxa RISC UC-8416 w/8 serial ports,3 LANs,4 DI/DO,8 LAN switch,CF,USB
Moxa RISC UC-8418 w/8 serial ports,3 LANs,12 DI/DO,2 CAN Ports,CF,USB