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Serial Device Servers, Serial Isolators & Repeaters, Serial Converters, Modbus Gateways, Serial to Fiber Optic Converters, and USB Converters.
  • Serial Device Servers

    Serial device servers enable RS-232/422/485 serial devices to be connected to a host computer over an Ethernet network quickly and cost-effectively. No extra programming effort is required. Serial device servers are especially suitable for remotely controlling and monitoring your serial devices via industrial Ethernet.
  • Serial Isolators & Repeaters

    RS-232 boosters double the range of your RS-232 data signal. Repeaters may be daisy-chained for extra range. Many CE computers, laptops, and some desktops ship with low-power ports that are unable to drive port-powered devices or full-length RS-232 cabling. RS-232 signal boosters amplify these weak signals up to the RS-232 standard.
  • Serial Converters

    Isolated Converters: RS-232/422/485 Wide temperature and power ranges make B&B SmartWorx isolated converters ideal for your harsh duty applications. Automatic Send Data Control, Modbus compatible. The RS-232 side has both a terminal block connector and a DB9 female connector; the RS-485 side has a terminal block. Requires external power supply not included.
    Non Isolated Converters: RS-232/422/485 These RS-232 to RS-485 converters are perfect for applications that don’t require isolation or port-powered capability. All models include Automatic Send Data Control, eliminating the need for software modification.
  • Modbus Gateways

    Modbus Gateways act as an interface between Modbus devices and computer hosts running Modbus/TCP. These Gateways bridge Modbus devices to the Ethernet network and are a convenient solution to connect existing devices or controllers running Modbus/ASCII or Modbus/RTU to an Ethernet network.
  • USB Converters

    These serial media converters convert RS232 and RS232/422/485 to USB. These converters let you easily build an industrial grade, long distance communication system with standard PC hardware.