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Wzzard uses the lightweight, publish/subscribe messaging transport MQTT protocol for sensor communications. MQTT is an extremely simple messaging protocol created for M2M and IoT applications over wireless networks. Because of its efficient distribution of information to single or multiple receivers, low power usage and minimized data packets, it is ideal for mobile or remote locations.
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BBSmartworx WSK-REF-2 BBSmartworx WSK-HAC-2 BBSmartworx WSK-NRG-2
Our Price: $895.00
Our Price: $995.00
Our Price: $995.00
B+B SmartWorx Wzzard Mesh Refrigeration Monitoring Starter Kit - (1) Wzzard Temp/Hum Sensor, (2) JC10F50-V 50A Clamp-On Current Sensors, (1) BB-WCHCBL Thermistor/Breakout cable, (1) BB-WCHMS Door Sensor Cable, (1) SmartSwarm 342 Ethernet GW w/Wzzard board B+B SmartWorx Wzzard Mesh HVAC Monitoring Starter Kit - (1)  Wzzard node, [# WSD2C21150 ], (2)  JC10F50-V, 50A  Clamp-On Current  Sensors, (2) BB-WTJ-10-36-TT, J-Type Thermocouple & (1)  SmartSwarm 342 Ethernet Network GW  –  w/  Wzzard board B+B SmartWorx Wzzard Mesh Energy Monitoring Starter Kit - (1) Wzzard Node [# WSD2M31010], (3) JC10F50-V, 50A clamp-on current  sensors, (1) 520-10256-00,  M12 cable, (1) SmartSwarm 342 Ethernet Network GW  –  w/ Wzzard  board