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Industrial Ethernet switches that connect to any Ethernet device and provide the reliability and important features that you require. These hardened switches are designed to survive in the toughest industrial applications while providing real-time performance, fast network redundancy and advanced security. These rugged switches are tough enough for outdoor, marine, hazardous locations, military and most other harsh applications
  • PoE Ethernet Switches

    Industrial Ethernet Switches with Power Over Ethernet Technology. PoE technology allows IP telephones, wireless LAN Access Points, webcams and many other appliances to receive power as well as data over existing LAN cabling.
  • IEC 61850-3 Ethernet Switches

    IEC 61850 Communications and Systems in Substations is a standard comprised of ten parts which outlines a complete framework for substation automation including EMI (electromagnetic interference) immunity and environmental requirements (IEC 61850-3) for communications networks and systems in substations.
  • EN50155 Ethernet Switches

    The EN50155 standard for railway applications includes the operating conditions, dimensioning, construction and testing of the electronic equipment as much as fundamental hard- and software requirements, which are necessary for a powerful and reliable installation.
  • Managed Ethernet Switches

    Managed switches provide all the features of an unmanaged switch and provide the ability to configure, manage, and monitor your LAN. This gives you greater control over how data travels over the network and who has access to it.
  • Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

    An unmanaged switch simply allows Ethernet devices to communicate with one another, such as a PC or network printer, and those are typically called “plug and play.” They have a fixed configuration and do not allow any changes to this configuration.
  • Rackmount Ethernet Switches

    The term rackmount is used to describe electronic equipment and devices designed to fit industry-standard-sized computer racks and cabinets (19" wide). Rackmount devices are also standard 1.75 inch units. Rackmount is measured in U.
  • Network Management Software

    Network management software is designed for configuring, monitoring, and diagnosing networking devices in industrial networks. All selected network components can be managed graphically via web browser from both local and remote sites—anytime and anywhere.