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Power over Ethernet aka PoE

What's is Power over Ethernet and why would I want to use it

Power Over Ethernet technology allows IP telephones, wireless LAN Access Points, webcams and many other appliances to receive power as well as data over existing LAN cabling, without needing to modify the existing Ethernet infrastructure. PoE allows for flexibility of placement, which allows you to position devices in areas that do not have AC power outlets nearby. It has just become an international standard, called IEEE802.3af, as an extension to the existing Ethernet standards.
Here are some reasons:
  • Only one set of wires to bring to your appliance - simplifies installation and saves space.
  • There is no need to pay for an expensive electrician, or delay your installation to meet the electrician's schedule - saves time and money.
  • The appliance can be easily moved, to wherever you can lay a LAN cable - minimal disruption to the workplace.
  • Safer - no mains voltages anywhere.
  • A UPS can guarantee power to the appliance even during mains power failure.
  • As well as the data transfer to and from the appliance, you can use SNMP network management infrastructure to monitor and control the appliances.
  • Appliances can be shut down or reset remotely - no need for a reset button or power switch.
  • In wireless LAN systems it simplifies the RF survey task, as the access point can easily be moved and wired in.