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Perle Industrial Ethernet Switches
Fast Ethernet Switches, Gigabit Ethernet Switches, PoE Ethernet Switches, and Ethernet Switch Accessories.
  • Perle Fast Ethernet Switches

    IDS-105F Series Switches, IDS-108F Series Switches, IDS-108FPP Series PoE Switches, IDS-205 Series Switches, IDS-205F Series Switches, IDS-206 Series Switches, IDS-305 Series Switches, IDS-305F Series Switches, IDS-306 Series Switches, IDS-409 Series Switches, IDS-409-SFP Series Switches, IDS-409F Series Switches, IDS-509 Series Switches, IDS-509-SFP Series Switches, and IDS-509F Series Switches.
  • Perle Gigabit Ethernet Switches

    IDS-105G Series Industrial Gigabit Switches, IDS-105GPP Series Industrial Gigabit PoE switches, IDS-205G Series Industrial Gigabit Switches, IDS-305G Series Industrial Gigabit Switches, IDS-409C Series Industrial Gigabit Combo Switches, IDS-409G Series Industrial Gigabit Switches, IDS-509C Series Industrial Gigabit Combo Switches, and IDS-509G Industrial Gigabit Switches.
  • Perle PoE Ethernet Switches

    IDS-105GPP Industrial Gigabit PoE switch, IDS-108FPP Industrial PoE switch, IDS-509PP Managed Industrial PoE+ Switch, IDS-509GPP Managed Industrial Gigabit PoE+ Switch w/ Gigabit Fiber, IDS-509FPP Managed Industrial PoE+ Switch w/ Fiber, and IDS-509CPP Managed Industrial PoE+ Switch w/ Combo Ports.
  • Perle Ethernet Switch Accessories

    PoE / PoE+ Mid-span Power Injectors, Power supplies and mounting kits for Ethernet switches.