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Moxa's serial media converters allow devices with different serial interfaces to communicate effortlessly. Serial-to-serial converters help convert between RS-232 and RS-422/485, and serial-to-fiber converters convert all three of these interfaces to optical fiber.
  • Fieldbus-to-Fiber Converters

    Moxa's fieldbus-to-fiber converters convert fieldbus to fiber with ease, and also feature easy configuration and effortless troubleshooting. Our industrial-grade ICF converters can convert PROFIBUS to fiber, even in harsh environments.
  • Serial-to-Fiber Converters

    Moxa's industrial-grade serial-to-fiber optic converters can convert RS-232/422/485 to optical fiber, which provides users with an easy and reliable way to communicate with their serial devices.
  • Serial-to-Serial Converters

    Moxa's serial-to-serial media converters can convert between RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485, which avoids compatibility issues that are often encountered when communicating between different serial interfaces.