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Industrial Ethernet Switches

Korenix Industrial Ethernet switches connect to any Ethernet device and provide the reliability and important features that you require. These hardened switches are designed to survive in the toughest industrial applications while providing real-time performance, fast network redundancy and advanced security. These rugged switches are tough enough for outdoor, marine, hazardous locations, military and most other harsh applications.

  • Up to 24 10/100TX & 10/100/1000TX ports
  • Single and Multi mode Fiber options
  • Rackmount, Din-Rail or Embedded varieties
  • AC and DC power options
  • Korenix DIN-Rail Ethernet Switches
    JetNet Series Managed and Unmanaged DIN-Rail Ethernet Switches.
    Korenix Rackmount Ethernet Switches
    JetNet Series Rackmount Ethernet Switches; Gigabit options available.
    Korenix PoE Ethernet Switches & Injectors
    JetNet Series Managed and Unmanaged PoE Ethernet Switches, 4-24+ ports, with Gigabit, high-power, and SFP options available, as well as PoE Injectors.
    Korenix IEC 61850-3 Ethernet Switches
    JetNet Series IEC 61850-3 Managed Ethernet switches.
    Korenix EN50155 Ethernet Switches
    JetNet Series EN50155 Managed and Unmanaged Ethernet switches.
    Korenix Network Management Software
    JetView Pro Management Software with 128, 256. or 1024 IP-enabled device licenses.